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  • My Journey with HIVeNI

    We started HIVe back in early 2013 with a large group of HIV positive men with a passion to enlighten and make a resource for people who were newly diagnosed with the virus. I joined the group in the early stages of its conception, knowing some of the other participants put me in a…
  • How can yoga help you live a positive life?

    How can yoga help you live a positive life? Yoga, whose root means “to yoke”, is a means of learning how to return to a place of harmony in yourself. This harmony is something that is continually thrown off when living with a condition which makes you question everything about yourself…
  • What is the Legacy of the 1980s AIDS campaign?

    What is the Legacy of the 1980s AIDS campaign? Jon Kelly in a BBC News Magazine article…

Welcome to Positive Life 

Positive Life supports and promotes positive living for people with and affected by HIV in Northern Ireland and the border counties.  HIV is a virus which damages the human immune system and increases risk of opportunistic infections and certain cancers.  There is currently no cure.  With treatment, taken correctly, normal life-span is now possible however HIV is a chronic illness and the treatments available are particularly toxic.  For most people with a diagnosis, their family and carers HIV is a long-term chronic illness requiring long-term support. Northern Ireland has the fastest growing rates of HIV diagnoses in the UK with an increase of some 20% annually.

Positive Life has been making a difference to the quality of people’s lives for over 25 years, beginning life as the AIDS Telephone Helpline in 1986 and now as a city centre facility offering a range of services and supports expanded across Northern Ireland. As the needs of clients diversify and the social and medical environment changes in Northern Ireland, the organisational continues to respond to these challenges and the changing face of HIV.

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